Providing services to targeted audiences who might not otherwise have access to those services. The TDJBCF is well respected in the community and mobile in meeting those in need of programs and services at their locations.
Identifying the needs of targeted audiences and designing and implementing training programs and other modalities to help raise awareness of breast cancer, reduce myths and fears and increase knowledge or influence attitudes with a goal of practicing a healthy life style.
Bringing together survivors, caretakers and others in a monthly support group with other survivors to draw strength and encouragement as no one should walk their journey alone. Through the support group skilled speakers discuss various topics while providing a safe and caring environment for survivors to share their stories and give voice to the silent ones.


The Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund (TDJBCF) is a unique nonprofit grassroots organization whose mission is to advocate and improve the overall health and wellness for women and men through outreach, education and prevention. We promote early detection strategies for breast health and access to the best biomedical and evidence-based complementary therapies to reduce the incidences and mortality rates of breast cancer.


Monthly Support Group
Learn about the signature program of the Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund.
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Download some of the many resources TDJBCF has to offer regarding Breast Cancer awareness.
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Get involved and learn about the current political cancer advocacy actions we are taking.
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Speaker Request
Hire Thelma D Jones to speak at your next seminar, workshop, panel or conference.
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The Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund (TDJBCF) vision is to save lives and to embrace and achieve a world community free of breast cancer. One of the most important ways to help ensure that the organization’s vision is carried out is by strategically inviting and involving everyone to be a part of the organization. Make an annual or recurring contribution to the TDJBCF to help carry out its mission and vision.