In Memoriam: Chawnte Randall

 God is within her; she will not fall. Psalm 46:5

This morning, our ANGEL Warrior, Chawnte Randall, met the God within her in eternity.  She is with Him. No longer with us and we are heartbroken. After being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), Chawnte turned to a life of advocacy, bringing her heart, soul and her truth, working tirelessly to amplify the voices of those living with MBC, particularly Black women facing disparities globally. Chawnte was a spunky, outspoken soul that was not afraid to speak the truth about her life and the lives of those who she met along her MBC journey. She was a voice for many women. Chawnte, a beautiful soul, a believer, a thriver and an advocate. As we absorb the shock of this moment, we feel the magnitude of her life, knowing that it is not how she died, but how she lived.  As sisters, we carried one another. We will continue to carry her.  When people die of cancer, it is often said that they lost their battle and gained their wings.  However, Chawnte has won the battle – as she lived her legacy daily and earned her wings before she left this Earth.

Chawnte touched everyone she met.  Her passion and advocacy knew no bounds.  While living with MBC, she filled her waking moments by educating other women, amplifying patients’ voices, helping to raise money for MBC research and sharing the real perspective of what it is like to live with MBC, while working to ensure that one day it becomes a chronic, not terminal disease.  There are people in this world who fight for something when it is convenient, and then there are those who take action even while facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.  Chawnte’s work, laughter, passion and voice emanated through everyone she touched.  Her legacy will continue to touch lives and echo in the rooms she fought tirelessly to enter.  Because of her, others have learned about MBC and are advocating, amplifying, uplifting and working to end disparities in our lifetime.

When we separate physically from someone we love, the pain is palpable, and made even more so when we can still feel that someone’s spirit hugging us and feel the warmth of their smile.  In the days, weeks, months to come, may we all remember that her spirit is always close, and may she inspire us to do more.  Just days ago, even while on the verge of here and there, Chawnte was still ever the advocate and making plans to use her voice so that others might live.  Our girl!!!

As Chawnte said often, “Metastatic breast cancer is the only breast cancer that kills.”  May we all carry forth the great work that she was a part of – working to end MBC and healthcare disparities; and may we all #Live.Laugh.Love as Chawnte did.

We love you, Chawnte.

Thursday, November 12, 2020.