Cancer. It’s the dreaded “C” word that thousands of Americans are diagnosed with every year. The National Cancer Institute estimates that 39.6 percent of American adults will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in their lives, according to data from 2010-2012. Although there are many types of cancer, one of the most common symptoms among all of them is pain. Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety may also develop after a cancer diagnosis.

These conditions can all prompt the need for prescription medications, which can lead to abuse or addiction. Sadly, drug addiction can decrease the effectiveness of certain cancer treatments, making a person’s overall health worse. This is why medical professionals encourage patients to take medications responsibly or consider alternative therapies.

The good news is, there are many ways to take opioids and other prescription medications safely and prevent the risk of addiction. There are also rehabilitation options and support resources available for cancer patients who are already struggling with addiction or who just need support from others during treatment.

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